SEA&SEA MDX-D7100 Housing: Compatibility with Nikon D7200.

MDX-7100-62147MDX-D7100 housings sold from now on are compatible with both Nikon D7100 and D7200 cameras. However, MDX-D7100 housings with the following serial numbers may require a small modification to the Mode Dial Lock Button on the rear case. Without modification, it may be difficult to depress and turn the button.  In this case, please contact the official SEA&SEA distributor in your area.

131100001 – 131100196, 131100201, 131100209 – 131100216, 131100209 – 131100216, 131100221 – 131100225 and 13100250.

All other controls and the Optical YS Converter/N1 for MDX housing can be used without modification.