Buoyancy Arm Handle

Buoyancy-Arm Handle
Product No.46124,46131,46132

Black: 46124
Yellow: 46131
Pink: 46132

Multipurpose float that can be used as a buoyancy-arm and as a carry handle.

Available in three colours (black, yellow and pink).
*Colours of the Buoyancy-Arm Handle may differ from the colours shown in the brochure.

On land, the handle allows you to carry your housing securely because of its ergonomic design and non-elastic material. When underwater, the handle will function as a float, and because it is buoyant, will not hinder housing operation.

The optional SA8 Fixed Ball Base Mounting Hardware Kit can be used to fit two SA8 Fixed Ball Bases to the Buoyancy-Arm Handle. This allows you to use the handle as a strobe buoyancy arm or adapt it to your own ideas.

Construction: Polyethylene
Depth rating: 50m/165ft.
Service Temperature: 1-40 degrees Celsius/32-104 degrees Fahrenheight
Dimensions (WxHxD): 256x76x62mm/10.1×3.0x2.4inches
Weight on Land: 210g/7.4oz.
Underwater Buoyancy: Approximately 280g/9.9oz.
*Weight on land and underwater buoyancy of individual handles may slightly differ.

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