LCD Monitor Hood with Lens

LCD Monitor Hood with Lens
Product No.52121

The hood attaches to the LCD monitor area of a compact digital camera housing. The hood will reduce light and reflections and provide clear images from the LCD monitor from corner to corner. The lens has an anti-reflective coating to further reduce unnecessary reflections and glare. Ideal for those who would like to have enlarged and clearer views of the LCD monitor.

[Compatible model] MDX-RX100III、MDX-RX100/II、MDX-GRD IV、DX-GE5
[Compatible LCD monitor size] Approx. 62x47mm/2.4×1.9inches
[Weight] Approx. 123g/4.3oz
[Dimensions (DIAxD)] Approx. 84x85x67mm/3.3×3.3×2.6inches

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