MDX-D7100 behuizing voor Nikon D7100 & D7200

MDX-D7100 Housing (Black) (Housing only)
Product No.06167

Underwater housing for Nikon D7100/D7200

Optical YS Converter/N can be built into the housing
Compatible with new Optical YS Converter/N1 for MDX housing which converts the camera’s TTL signal to a light signal. Both TTL and manual strobe photography is possible using a Fiber-Optic Cable II.

* Optical YS Converter details will be announced later.

Compatible with both the VF180 1.2x and VF45 1.2x viewfinders
By attaching the VF180 (#46112) or the VF45 prism viewfinders (#46111) (magnification ratio of 1.2x) to the housing, the magnification increases by 1.2x and entire field of view can be seen at the same time. Recommended for users committed to strict composition and focusing.

* You may encounter some difficulties to access the delete button function if VF45 1.2x is installed on the housing. To avoid this problem, manufacturer suggests using VF180 1.2x instead.

Port can be replaced without opening the housing
Port lock can be now activated from outside the housing. The housing is also equipped with a ‘lens-lock release’ button which allows the lens to be replaced without opening the housing. The port lock can also be activated from inside like previous SEA&SEA housings.

MDX-D7100 Other Features:
-Equipped with two fiber-optic cable sockets. With the camera’s built-in flash raised and fiber-optic cables fitted, external strobes can be triggered as ‘slave units’ by the built-in flash.
-Every detail of the housing is precision machined. The housing is protected by a highly corrosion resistant anodized coating. All edges have been polished carefully for perfection.
-Controls all the Nikon D7100 essential functions underwater.
-(Bracketing button, preview button and function button are not operable from the housing) .
-The multi selector (which is often used underwater) is the same design as the camera control and can be operated in the same way. AF areas and Focus points can be changed by depressing the selector. The multi selector control is located so that it is accessible with your hand on the grip.
-The camera’s built-in flash can be activated and deactivated from the housing. (When the accessory light-shielding plate is fixed, this function cannot be used).
-Equipped with Accessory Port which can be used for HDMI output.
-The grip design has been significantly improved with the travelling diver in mind. The grips are mounted with threadless fixings to facilitate easy transportation, mounting and removal of the grips. The new design also alleviates corrosion build up around the fittings. All fixings are available as spare parts.
-Fitted with a tripod socket on the centre underside of the housing.
-Equipped with the Optical Viewfinder 0.5x as standard. Other (optional) interchangeable viewfinders can be used.
-The quick shoe makes the camera easy to install and remove from the housing.
-Built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to water ingress.
-Depth rating of 100m / 330ft makes the housing ideal for tech diving.

MDX-D7100 [Construction] Body: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (machined)
Grip: corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy
[Depth rating] 100m / 330ft
[Dimensions (WxHxD)] 341 x 192 x 136mm / 13.4 x 7.6 x 5.4 inches
[Weight] Approx. 2,700g / 94.5oz.(Housing only)

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